Brainy interactive concentration training


How might we motivate children with an attention disorder
to train the ability to focus more in the home environment?

Brainy is a product system which redesigns the concentration training for children with attention disorder. It is an alternative to medication and complex behaviour therapies. Thanks to our new designed, easy-to-use neurofeedback system, Brainy offers child-friendly training sessions at your home and increases the quality of life for your whole family.

Our Process & Strategy

01 Research

The first step was to understand what attention disorder is and how it can be improved by neurofeedback training. We met several experts in that field, to understand and test the training. Followed by interviews and workshops with specialists to identify problems and to review existing ideas. Talking to neurologists hel­ped us to understand the requirements of a neuro­feedback training. We also gained insights of the user group and the growing market.

02 Define

We applied a variety of methods to define our aim – especially from the field of design thinking and design strategic. In this way we were able to cluster the wicked problems, identify the interconnectedness of things and gradually gain clarity about the actual problems.

03 Test

Various designs and interaction concepts were tested with the target group. Workshops with primary school students helped to understand the point of view and expectations of the children. The new input was integrated in to the concept and a Wizard of Oz test was performed, to see, if the interaction concept is clear and comprehensible.

04 Implement

The product model consists of several technical components. On the one hand there is a RGB light band inside, which can be controlled by an Arduino board. A gyro sensor is placed on this board, which records the movements and accelerations in the room.


Final Product

EEG cap

The stylish and ergonomically designed EEG cap enables the measurement of the brain waves. The technical components are hidden inside the cap. The three mandatory sensors for the ADHD training are optimized by using soft and ergonomic sensors.

Brainy – Speaker

Brainy is a character who supports the child. The kid should feel understood and be able to build an emotional bond with Brainy. The relief buttons, the dirt resistant and skin-friendly textile are ideally chosen for the target group. Through physical interaction with Brainy, the flow of the story can be influenced.

Interaction Concept

Your child will face different tasks within the story told by Brainy. These can be influenced by physical interaction. Movement will help increasing the concentration. The interaction is divided in three categories: Desicion, spatial movement, selection options. The movements are based on the user tests with the children and follow a natural motion concept.

General Information


Julia Thum
Afife Eser


Concept & Strategy
Print & UX Design


Prof. Dr. habil. Jürgen Held
Prof. Dr. Susanne Schade